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Throughout 2018/2019, we will be offering screenings of POINT AND DRIVE (90 min) for your school, organization, corporation, community, church, or conference.

Our goal in creating a national grassroots screening campaign is to bring attention to the beauty and importance of music and marching band programs. We aim to start local conversations while also sending a strong message to national media that music matters and that there are great rewards that come with supporting music and the arts.  And we'd love to have your organization join in.


As a screening partner with POINT AND DRIVE, you'll also receive our Screening Campaign Kit which provides the most productive experience for your screening event. You can take advantage of exceptional local and national media exposure, connecting you with like-minded organizations nationwide.


To get started, simply fill out our hosting form. Whether it's a single screening, part of an ongoing film series, or if you'd like to add POINT AND DRIVE to a conference or other planned event—just let us know, and we'll get to work with you right away.


Additionally, the filmmaker is available to attend your event and conduct a Q&A ) to discuss their experience and insights gained in making the film and to offer additional resources to assure your event is a success.


So connect with us today, and we'll get started helping you entertain, educate and empower your company, group or community. We hope to hear from you soon!

In great anticipation, this year we will be bringing Point and Drive to it's audience around the globe by joining forces with music and marching band educators,  organizations and companies nationwide to present a new perspective on the importance of marching band and how it's principles and lessons learned provide an open road to success, no matter the profession.


While Point and Drive is laced with the beauty of all things marching band, it also provides universal themes suited for personal development, leadership, and team building.


Our goals are to:


1. Empower the Future Leaders: Create a national conversation on the impact and need to keep music education in the schools by bringing attention to all of the success stories yielded from the successful marching band alumni. Fueled by the premise that 90% of marching band students in college are not music majors, yet they excel in music, leadership, and academics which allow for them to become successful in their careers as a result of the foundation laid of tenacity, discipline, and teamwork taught through the band programs. Further more music programs in middle and high school, especially amongst inner city youth, offer them an escape from the lures of their environment and provide them a community of like minded individuals working towards a common positve goal.

2. Reignite the Drive: Create opportunities for older adults to socially reconnect through a nationwide empowerment tour and to consciously revisit their accomplishments in the past to ignite a spark allowing them the mindset to reinvent themselves or be inspired to go further. This will also create better connectivity and support to their schools and universities.



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