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The Movie

That Became a


The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities Marching Band Culture is the first and only feature documentary  to document, research,  and share in rich detail the history of the marching band culture infused with the personal stories from HBCU Marching Band alumni spanning 70 years.

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Point And Drive For Life, The Marching Band Factor

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We are Point and Drive.


We DRIVE Potential

Our mission is to change the world one step at a time through building leaders with the mindset to achieve greatness cultivated through the vehicle of music, marching band, and college and career development.

Point and Drive works to bring awareness to the benefits of marching band, playing an instrument, and pursuing your dreams because we know it's the best way to create the next generation of leaders and change makers.

 The Film

Watch the Trailer


Point and Drive® is a documentary that gives the world an up-close look at how music and marching in the band lays the foundation for drive and ambition in life.

Meet these unforgettable voices from various HBCU (Historically Black College and University) Bands – granting intimate access to what it takes to make the band, persevere beyond circumstance, push past limits, and ultimately who you can become because of music. Granting behind the scenes access from alumni of the band that became a brand, the Florida A&M University Marching 100, which was responsible for the innovation of what we now see today as "the halftime show", the documentary shows its beginnings, rise, fall, and comeback after an event that almost stopped the music -  forever. 


Through original interviews, music, live performances, dancing and rare archival footage and images, we learn that the process of mastering Point and Drive, which is actually the form of precision marching that makes the famed band so eye catching, is so much more – it transfers into an innate bar of excellence that is the measurement and standard for success in their lives.


Point and Drive demonstrates the strength of the human spirit and the power of music education to raise leaders that change the world through insight from successful band alumni in various "fields" of expertise, as well as some of the top musicians and educators. Point and Drive reminds us that no matter where you are from or where you start, being of excellence and living in your passion can support your dreams and aspirations as you stay the course.


Watch Point and Drive, and you will see: Band is Life.



 The Movie that has

become a movement.

Over a 3-year period, Brandi Mitchell interviewed more than 100 people, spanning 5 generations, and multiple universities band programs and found common traits in their success stories.

In 2016, Brandi shared her findings with the world in Point and Drive touring it to audiences nationwide. The film became an instant classic.

Over the last few months, Brandi's documentary has created the greatest impact,  attention, and respect for the HBCU marching band culture since the film "School Daze", and "A Different World" to date inspiring a new generation to want to learn to play an instrument, attend college,  and strive for excellence in their lives.

How We Work

We have countless models of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, musicians educators, and leaders who attribute playing in the band and their "band experience" as the catalyst for their discipline, work ethic, ability to work with others, confidence, and drive. We are bringing all the benefits of music and marching band to the forefront the way no one has before, and showing it's life-long payoff in relationships, family , and career development. We do this in the following ways:


Through our media company we both create content and use our films and book to serve as a model of what's possible using the vehicle of music and band to encourage college and career development, leadership, and character development. We also "reignite the drive" in adults by providing a network for them to grow and re-establish relationships.


We customize our content for schools and nonprofits, enhancing their efforts to educate and engage young people and to create measurable change, community by community through our leadership seminars,  curriculum, and book.



We partner with companies, governments, non-profits, schools, celebrities, global leaders and citizens to drive change for music education and college & career development around the globe.


As a sought after speaker, consultant, coach, and band marketing and brand strategist, the creator of Point and Drive, Brandi Mitchell is available for conferences, keynotes, retreats, panel discussions, and trainings on music related topics, and as a solution to music educators and bands specifically as it pertains to marketing and branding for bands, fundraising, recruitment strategies, and building community support for your band program.

As a filmmaker and someone who played in the band my entire schooling, my goal is to deliver a powerful message to the world:

"Anyone can succeed regardless of their circumstance if they put in the work and have an atmosphere where they are challenged to expand what they thought was possible. The marching band field is the perfect atmosphere to practice greatness in life. "

Meet The Cast



Ask Brandi Mitchell what her secret to success has been and she will tell you very quickly her faith, and her experience in marching band have been the two driving forces which have allowed her to blaze paths that most would call “unconventional”. Brandi Mitchell is the owner of KORIS Media, a multi-faceted media and training company which helps to monetize the messages, intellectual property, and personas of great brands to it's audience through producing high caliber content in print, television, film, and digital media.

Brandi began her career in entertainment as a celebrity makeup and hair artist working on numerous projects for TLC, TBS, BET, MTV, and TV ONE with a diverse group of talent including Steve Harvey, Ruby Dee, Anthony Mackie, Eric Benet, to Eminem. But it was her exposure and intrigue to production that drove her to  explore directing and producing. Her collaborative learning experiences grant her the distinguishing edge to think out of the box, make a project marketable, and bring authentic truth to an audience to empower them to take action or see subjects in their true light.


8th Grade

Drew Middle School Band - Detroit

Senior Year

Mackenzie High Band - Detroit

Sophmore Year

Florida A&M University

Marching 100

the New Book from the
Ground-Breaking Film
A motivational guide for people ready to maximize their potential by gaining the drive, focus, and mindset to pursue their passion and live their best life

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