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Nationally Renowned Speaker , Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur Inspires Students, Leaders and Individuals to Maximize Their Potential and Play Big in Career and Life



* HBCU/Band Marching Band Culture
* Career Success
* Maximizing Your Potential

* College & Career Preparedness
* Aligning Skills & Talent With Purpose & Profit
* Personal Development: Looking the Part to Get The Role


* Music Education Conferences

* Band Leadership Camps
* College Success Series
* School Assemblies
* Teacher Development Days

* Professional Development
* Youth Events & Motivation Days

* Entrepreneurial Conferences/Events


* Point and Drive Documentary
* Point And Drive For Life: The Marching Band Factor
* Look the Part to Get The Role
* Release Weight Receive Freedom
* The Blended Family Survival Guide


Charismatic, Passionate, and Genuine, are words used to describe Brandi's person and her approach to delivering effective, thought provoking, and informative messages pertaining to harnessing your personal presence, pursuing purpose, and operating with a spirit of excellence.  When addressing public audiences, Brandi always tailors her topics to match the needs of each particular group. 

Her messages serve to motivate, inspire and produce confidence in individuals thereby improving their productivity in their personal and business relationships and igniting the spark to make them want to do and be "more".

All Brandi's speaking aims to create a positive change in the way people see themselves. Each Brandi Mitchell speaking event, offers the attendees ideas capable of transforming their lives for the better, and provides the tools to activate their change.

Most Requested Speaking Programs

How unwavering focus and relentless drive in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Will you answer the demand of excellence or quit? When you’re put in a pool of greatness you have two choices: either sink or swim. Brandi believes that greatness happens when you push pass being comfortable; so if you're not scared while doing something new, you probably aren’t playing a big enough game!  In this transparent and entertaining keynote, Brandi  shares the life lessons she learned on the marching band field as a member of the nations greatest marching band taken from her documentary film Point and Drive to illustrate how those principles condition you for success in life. From having the ability to push pass obstacles, operating in humility while maintaining integrity and self-worth, and being bold enough to play with those who intimidate you so that you can go to your next level,  Brandi teaches how these lessons can apply to growth in any area from leadership, finances, entrepreneurship, sales, and self-confidence - creating the avenue for extraordinary success, promotion, fulfillment, and successful relationships.

Nationally Renowned Speaker , Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur Inspires Students, Leaders and Individuals to Maximize Their Potential and Play Big in Career and Life




How it’s practice not talent alone that makes you great


It’s not always the talented that win, it’s the most practiced. Sometimes, even the underdog. Why? They are hungry and have something to prove; mostly to themselves. And not just any kind of practice, but practicing like you’re doing the actual performance, every time. Many of the people we look up to and that we want to model did not become great because they were naturally inclined. As a matter of fact, those who have mastered their art or trade will tell you that it was something that they practiced perfectly to the point where it appeared to their audience as natural. They have a system that they repeat over and over to yield their desired results and make what they do seem effortless. Brandi shares 5 things that great “performers” do to guarantee they have memorable performances and how you can apply it to your goals, career and life. Her talk is based on her documentary feature film Point and Drive.

Nationally Renowned Speaker , Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur Inspires Students, Leaders and Individuals to Maximize Their Potential and Play Big in Career and Life




How to Use your Past Wins to Propel You Forward in Your Career and Life


Do you long for the days when you believed anything was possible in your career or life? Have you ever felt that you may be off track and are presenting to the world only a fraction of your true potential? Do you feel like you want to find the person who exercised child-like faith in terms of the fulfillment of their dreams? Do you find yourself thinking “I’m to old for change” or are you held hostage by “security” alone versus growth or purpose? Brandi will teach you how to stop living with regret, and instead reignite your inner drive by identifying and drawing from past wins to provide strength and fuel for your next phase in life. In this keynote, Brandi talks about how she used these very same techniques both personally and professionally to accomplish huge goals over the last two years; from losing 80 lbs to repositioning herself professionally midlife in her career. Her reoccurring theme was a great win from her college days: “If I made The Marching 100, I can do anything!” In this authentic fireside chat, Brandi provides the ammunition to help you propel yourself forward by owning and visualizing your past wins and building the mindset and habits to move forward - right now! Her talk is based on her groundbreaking documentary film Point and Drive.



The emphasis of the seminar is about seeking to be the best version of yourself, and modeling excellence in order to properly lead others and to be successful in life be it college or career. Brandi’s curriculum encourages your group to become one with a mission to carry out the goals and vision of the band program while also allowing the students to see the “big picture” - that what they do now on the marching band field and in school will contribute to their success in life. We encourage them to win in life starting now as a leader.


This three-hour interactive and transformational experience will deeply imprint the impact and influence of being a student leader within the context of band, but certainly as an asset in life. Your students will be provoked to aspire for excellence in themselves thereby being a model for others, as well as strive to explore the leader they are capable of being.

What your students will learn:

Through the film ‘Point and Drive’ and valuable information inside of a content-rich and relatable seminar, students will learn the 10 Principles that make up The Marching Band Factor®,  and be exposed to:

  • Creating An Environment and Culture of Excellence

  • Understanding Self-Discipline & Making Sound Decisions

  • How to Connect with and Motivate Their Peers

  • The Responsibility of Holding a Position of Influence

  • Becoming the Leader Others Want to Follow

  • The Difference Between Hazing & Discipline

  • The Connection Between Band and Having Success in Life


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