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Ask Brandi Mitchell what her secret to success has been and she will tell you very quickly her faith, and her experience in marching band have been the two driving forces which have allowed her to blaze paths that most would call “unconventional”. Brandi Mitchell is the owner of KORIS Publishing, a multi-faceted publishing and media company which helps to monetize the messages, intellectual property, and personas of great brands to it's audience through producing high caliber content in print, television, film, and digital media.

Brandi began her career in entertainment as a celebrity makeup and hair artist working on numerous projects for TLC, TBS, BET, MTV, and TV ONE with a diverse group of talent including Steve Harvey, Ruby Dee, Anthony Mackie, Eric Benet, to Eminem. But it was her exposure and intrigue to production that drove her to  explore directing and producing. Her collaborative learning experiences grant her the distinguishing edge to think out of the box, make a project marketable, and bring authentic truth to an audience to empower them to take action or see subjects in their true light.


Brandi took on the herculean task of independently creating, producing, directing, and financing Point and Drive®, which she credits as her greatest teacher in the film industry. Brandi got the inspiration to create Point and Drive while sitting in the homegoing service of her beloved band director of the Florida A&M University Marching 100, Dr. William P. Foster. It was in that service that she realized she felt the same way just 5 years previously at her high school band directors homegoing, Mr. Bobby L. Brown - that the power and brilliance of who they were needed to be celebrated and that a story on who you become because of music needed to have it’s voice. She knew it would only be a matter of time before she had to tell the story of what the band meant to her and thousands of band members across the globe.


“ You always hear people say that “they” should do this, or that”, I believe that the “they” that you’re referring to is usually YOU, says Brandi. “I believe that when you feel or see a need to help or in this instance, tell a story, you need to step up and be a part of the solution. Telling our story in Point and Drive was my part in helping to preserve the beauty of music education and honor the marching band, it’s teachers, and it’s schools and universities which have helped to make me, and so many of my colleagues who we are today”.


Host and Book a Transformational Event with Brandi

I believe that the message of Point and Drive For Life will inspire and provoke the greatness that already resides within each person just waiting to be ignited or reignited! Join me at one of my carefully curated events to experience what can happen for you or your group when you decide to #PlayBig at one of our life changing events.

Experience Point And Drive in the way that works best for your group - whether it's starting a book club in person or virtually, hosting a book signing or workshop, or booking "The Ultimate Experience" - which is Point and Drive in film, book, and speaking with your group.


Our formats can stand alone or go great inside of a conference, workshop, or curated for a school/university.

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