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You're In! And We can't wait to see you at the screening!


Just a couple of things


  • When you arrive go to the check-in desk to enter screening with your name


  • The screening will start promptly at screening time


  • In most locations, there will be vendors available with information on College and Music Programs so if you arrive 30 minutes early, you can take a look around!


  • There will be no video taping of any kind during the screening


  • If you are coming to the premiere, doors open 45 mins - 1 hr before to take pictures on the red carpet, pick up your t-shirt, and socialize


  • You can buy a ticket for someone else, but they must present your name and you will need to send an email to the site to let us know. (Say you want to sponsor a student and they will not be with you)


  • Please use the hashtag #pointanddrivemovie whenever you post about the film especially while at the screening or leading up to the event.





  • If you purchased a t-shirt or PREMIERE TICKET please send an email below with your shirt size


Success! Message received. Pick up your shirt at the screening.

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