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Point And Drive For Life: The Marching Band Factor is a  motivational guide for people ready to maximize their potential by gaining the drive, focus, and mindset to pursue their passion and live their best life. I did a special audio recording of the official introduction from  the book – a gift to you from me and a sneak peak. I can't wait for you to read the book, I believe this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for and will want to share.

Point and Drive For Life AudioBook Intro - BRANDI MITCHELL
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Congratulations on Making a Move and Taking Your First Step!
Now, Let’s Unlock Your Future and Continue Your POINT AND DRIVE FOR LIFE Journey with the complete Book.


Selection of Packs For Groups

A variety of packs of books perfect for group study, leadership development, or to be gifted to a group or band.


Your Choice of Seminar and/or Screening at your location

Explore the opportunities available of a seminar and/or film screening when you purchase 250 or 500 books!


This book is for everyone who wants to maximize their potential by playing big in life and seizing opportunities to create the life they have imagined.


Here’s who will also benefit from reading Point and Drive For Life: The Marching Band Factor:


  • Leaders and Graduating Students – for they will find extraordinary insights into achieving lifelong success not taught in classrooms.

  • Educators, Administrators, and Professionals in Management Positions – for they will be shown how to inspire an entire organization to seek unprecedented levels of excellence and leadership.


  • Business Associates and Entrepreneurs – for they will learn the secret behind how to better serve customers in excellence, pursue their dreams, and reach their goals.

  • The Band Community and Music Education Supportersfor they will discover and be able to articulate the value and long term benefits of playing an instrument, being in the band, and have a tangible recruitment tool to keep the music playing forever in our schools and the world.

This book will enable people to:

  • become better leaders

  • create a new standard of excellence

  • advance their career

  • standout in a sea of sameness

  • create a culture of excellence

  • lead people and organizations

  • connect passion to purpose

  • make better decisions

  • cultivate grit and discipline

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