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What is a Point and Drive Ambassador?


A POINT AND DRIVE Ambassador is a passionate individual who wants to play a role in the global movement for music education, fueling marching band programs, and college and career development representing POINT AND DRIVE all over the globe.


Acting as local community leader for POINT AND DRIVE, an ambassador rallies people and organizations to take action, hosts events, stays informed with key campaign milestones and updates, and finds innovative and creative ways to take action for music and marching band programs  everywhere.


Core responsibilities include:


  • Representing POINT AND DRIVE in your community.

  • Identifying regional/local organizations that align with the POINT AND DRIVE mission/mandate.

  • Rallying people and organizations to participate in key campaign moments.

  • Reaching out to friends, families, schools and community groups to get the word out.

  • Posting about POINT AND DRIVE on blogs, websites, social media, etc.

  • Brainstorm attention-grabbing, creative stunts to get people talking about music education

  • Collaborating regularly with the POINT AND DRIVE grassroots team to connect global campaigns to your community.


Interested in being a Point and Drive Ambassador? Contact us below.


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